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About us

Roof2Floor is a one-stop solution to all of your home construction, home addition, architecture, and home or condo remodeling needs. We can also service your retail, commercial, medical or office build-outs with custom design solutions throughout Ontario. Our vertically integrated services mean no hassle and no stress for your next big project.
We emphasizes working with owners, architects, and engineers to function as a “TEAM” to meet the desired project objectives. Clients are provided with an inclusive understanding of all aspects of the job with the most proficient, yet cost effective service. That is why we have time-proven customer satisfaction.Naturally,Our value engineering and quality control enable our projects to be on time and on budget. Teamwork is the key to our success in the construction field. We have found that teamwork is the ultimate means to achieve the goal the owner is striving to obtain: an attractive, functional facility, at a reasonable price.

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