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Zak Alzaim

Chief Executive Officer

Zak Alzaim, Chief Executive Officer of Roof2Floor Construction, a company he started when he moved to Toronto. From the beginning, Zak worked hard to establish a reputation in the construction community and a culture within the company based on his strong values for quality, integrity, and service. To this day, Zak continues to provide the vision and overall direction for the company. Under his leadership, Roof2Floor Construction has grown from a small general contractor to a company, handling all aspects of the construction processs.

Roof2Floor have assembled a team of professionals who come from a wide range of Construction & Home Renovation backgrounds, in order to provide expert knowledge in every construction line for every field of business.

Our professional staff are passionate, well-trained and qualified individuals, who genuinely love what they do. Roof2Floor professional team consists of Builders, designers, engineers, electricians, plumbers, machine operators, experienced foremen, seasoned laborers, marketing professionals. We live a lifestyle; we live what we love to do: design and build breathtaking Homes.

As we continue to grow and complete exceptional projects across the province, Roof2Floor Construction will remain focused on what matters: quality construction, sustainable solutions, Safety, and projects that improve communities.



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